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Interested in a career at Trianon Salon? We’re always looking to meet driven creative people. Here’s everything you need to know:


At Trianon Salon, we train and employ exceptional colorists and stylists. Candidates must be determined, creative and passionate about the hair industry. Our apprenticeship program is a great way to join the Trianon team!


For approximately 12 to 18 months (shorter for people with more experience), apprentices work in an intensive one-on-one program with owners Pam Orfanos and Tara James as well as other salon staff. Those who complete apprenticeship training at Trianon Salon are empowered to become talented, remarkable hair care professionals.


We offer a nurturing environment in which to learn a variety of techniques, as well as our philosophy for professional success. Our English-method, Sassoon-inspired curriculum is detailed below. Apprentices earn a competitive hourly rate and keep 100% of their tips.


Our most successful apprentices are:

  • Eager to build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect

  • Fully present and patient with the process of learning their craft

  • Career-oriented and ready to excel

  • Positive and excited about working on a team

  • Thrilled to create great hair for ALL people


Apprenticeship duties:

  • Work approximately 40 hours per week

  • Shampoo and blow-dry guests

  • Support all Trianon colorists and stylists

  • Perform general salon upkeep

  • Participate in haircutting and/or color classes twice a week

  • Recruit volunteer models for classes (haircutting models are free; hair color models pay a small fee)


Curriculum overview:

Apprentices will master the following techniques in 2-3 classes a week:



  • Blow-dries

  • Technique, shape and execution theory

  • One length

  • Vertical graduation/classic graduated bobs

  • Diagonal graduation/A-line graduated bobs

  • Round graduation/bowl cut

  • Square (long) layers

  • Concave (triangular) layers/shag with minimal face framing

  • Round layers/shag with heavy face framing

  • Soft crop/long, soft pixie

  • Crop/pixie cut

  • Short shear work (shear over comb)

  • Short clipper work (clipper over comb)

  • Asymmetrical shapes

  • Creative shapes/focus on how to combine shapes and techniques


Hair color:

  • Blow-dries

  • Single process colors

    • Semi-, demi- and tone-on-tone

    • Gray coverage/all coverage levels

    • Bleach and tone

  • Foil highlighting

    • Highlighting level 6 and up + formulation

    • Highlighting level 5 and under + formulation

    • Full foiling/various patterns

    • Partial foiling/various patterns

    • Dual process

  • Balayage/hand painting

  • Soft transition painting

  • Up-to-root painting

  • Toning/color melting

  • Creative/direct dyes

  • Thermal straightening



Nearly all of our apprentices transition to full-time employment at Trianon. Apprentices first graduate to “new talent” days, booking their own hourly models and getting used to serving five to six clients a day. Once they’re comfortable with busier days, they progress to the floor as staff.


We recognize that it takes time to build a clientele, so we offer base pay for the first year.


Staff receive competitive commission on services they provide their clients and earn commission on retail products. For those who work 30+ hours each week, we offer health insurance benefits; we share in the cost.


Next steps:

When you’re ready to get started, send your resume to We will contact qualified candidates to set up a salon tour and initial interview with Pam or Tara. Highly qualified candidates will be invited back for a technical interview to demonstrate their skills; our technical requirements vary depending on a candidate’s background. We know you’ll show us your best!

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