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Single process color: A full head of hair color is applied to the scalp to cover grey to create an all-over change to the client’s color, or to revitalize existing color.


Dual process color: Highlights and/or lowlights are applied using foils, and a single process color treatment is applied to the rest of the hair.


Partial highlights: Color is added using foils to the area around the face, and from the top of the ear and above.


Full highlights: Color is added using foils around the entire head—ideal for clients who frequently wear their hair in updos and want highlights to show in back.


Bleach & tone: When a client desires a very light color result, all the hair is bleached and then toned with pale colors. For this service, we recommend a consultation appointment.


Corrective color: This service can correct home color or salon color that has gone wrong. Corrective color generally requires a series of appointments, possibly over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, to achieve the desired outcome. For this service, we recommend a consultation appointment.


Balayage: (pronounced balāˈyäZH.) This hand-painted highlighting technique produces a more organically placed, freehand look to highlights. The result is natural looking and sun-kissed and may include ombré color (a gradual blending from one color to another, usually darker to lighter tones). Dimensional hair color is another term for balayage. For this service, we recommend a consultation appointment.


Davines Flamboyage highlights: Exclusive to salons that carry Davines products, this color service enhances the client’s natural colors by blending bright and saturated tones, creating reflective and vibrant color.


Keratin treatment: This service is added as an aid to blow drying hair straight. It can straighten wavy hair; soften frizz; tame coarse hair textures; and improve the condition of hair that has experienced chemical or heat damage. We offer Keratin Complex, Keratin Express, Keratin Smoothing Treatment, Global Keratin, and Brazilian Blowout services; your stylist will determine which treatment is ideal for your hair needs and expectations. Results can last from 2 to 5 months, depending on the treatment.


Gloss treatment: A gloss treatment can provide 3 to 4 weeks of shine to a client’s hair.


Blowdry & style: This service may include the use of a flat iron, curling iron, and other tools to achieve the client’s desired look.


Color blowdry: When a client receives color treatment without a scheduled haircut or blowdry appointment with one of our stylists, we offer blowdry services—but there may be a small wait, and hair is dried according to texture. (For example, curly hair will be dried curly instead of straightened.)


Updo: This is for clients who want a hairstyle that’s pinned up or incorporates their own hair clips or decorative elements.


Bridal trial: In preparation for a client’s wedding day, we recommend a bridal trial appointment, which includes consultation time to ensure the client’s desired look is achievable. Brides should bring their veil, hair pieces, or other accessories they plan to use.

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